vendredi 18 mai 2012


We, as Multilingual Cafe, are aiming at helping parents in the transmission of their home language and culture.

Language groups could help in this transmission.

Isabelle J. will give a presentation on the advantages and drawbacks of these language groups.
She will tell us how to get organised, what types of activities, how often to meet, etc.
She will also point out the things to avoid, the traps in which not to fall. 

It should be a very interesting evening if you are trying to help your chlid (children) speak your home language 
and wish them to discover your home culture.

Come along with your questions and your experience to share. 

We will meet on Tuesday 29 May at 8:15 pm
Where? UCC - Western Gate Building - Room G 09 - Cork, Ireland

Please let us know whether you will attend at
Feel free to pass on the information to your friends.