mercredi 21 mars 2012

Being Bilingual

Here is the information about our monthly meeting.

We suggest to talk about : BEING BILINGUAL.

What is it to be bilingual? When can I say I am bilingual?
Or am I multilingual?
What are the advantages of being bilingual? Advantages for now? For the future? 

How can I help myself and my children to be bilingual? 
Let's come and share about the topic.

You may have heard: "you should speak English only as you are in an English-speaking country"! Do you agree? Why being bilingual is then an advantage for you and your children? 

After presenting the idea of bilingualism, and all the points surrounding the beauty of being bilingual, we will have an open floor for questions and discussion.

When: Tuesday 27 March 2012
Time: starting at 8:15 pm

Hope there will be many of you.

Please feel free to bring along your friends 

Please let us know if can come on and we will tell you where we are meeting

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