mardi 2 novembre 2010


I am getting inspired here by Corey Heller who gives tips for a successful way of learning a language. She is extremely active in bilingualism and helping families to raise their children to be bilingual.
In short, she says, language learning should be

  1. playful - because it has to be like a game. 
  2. imperfect - making mistakes is a great way for improvement.
  3. daily - you should practice it daily 
  4. incentive because it must not be an obligation - we must not learn at certain precise time of the day 
  5. spoken - because a language is there to be spoken as much as possible
  6. inefficient - because if we are doing it at home and not at school, the idea of being marked is not there
  7. emotional - because a language is living and every one would have different feeling about it
I think she has great ideas. We are trying to have our children be bilingual and use the different languages we have at home. If we want them to be able to speak them, enjoy them and then be fluent in them, we must present these languages as games, as toys. Children like to play. They are not at school and the "other" language (I mean the one which is not used at school) should not be forced on them. There are so many ways to make our children appreciate them and use them.

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