samedi 13 novembre 2010

Are Speech Therapist trained for Bilingual Children ?

The question has been raised by many groups around the world.

The general answer is NO. Speech therapists - even if they are bilingual themselves - do not receive any training on how to assess bilingual children. Their methods and intrumensts are usually designed for monolingual people.
A bilingual person is not an addition of two monolingualisms !!!
Unfortunately, speech therapists are not trained for the bilingual population !! And they cannot speak all the languages round the globe !!!

It is a problematic question for parents !! Espacially when they are told their children are delaying in learning the language. We should not forget that the acquisition of language for bilingual children is completely different than for monolingual children.

There is hope however :
A group of scientits in a University in the USA have found how to assess and help bilingual children speaking English and Spanish.

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