samedi 30 octobre 2010


As coordinator of our group in Cork, I have to inform you about major changes which occured in the Association : "Bilingual Forum Ireland".

On 16 October 2011, Francesca La Morgia, who was chairperson, resigned officially from the position and left the Association.

She divided "Bilingual Forum Ireland" into two separate groups : one in Dublin with Natalia Kublova and one in Cork with myself.

Each group would organise meetings with members, such as talks, fundraising, parents' clinics, teachers' training, etc...
Each group would create a yearly schedule of events
Each group would keep members informed (here in Cork - I would send emails and use this blog)
Each group can collaborate with the other group.

I hope everybody is still interested and we can work on a programme of events together. If you have been as inquisitive as I have been on the web, you would have seen a huge number of similar groups / associations around the world. They organise many different types of activities.
So please, let me know what you are awaiting from the group.
I have planned a few activities / events and hope you will all be present.

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